Grand jury transcripts give chilling account of Righetti's attacks

Drew Karedes

Grand jury transcripts give chilling account of Righetti's attacks

CREATED Oct. 25, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Grand jury transcripts are providing a chilling look inside the mind of accused killer Javier Righetti.

Prosecutors say Righetti has been committing rapes since he was 12 years old. Action News has obtained 65 pages of transcripts connected to two recent attacks.

The newly released documents reveal the evidence presented to a grand jury earlier this month. The documents paint a disturbing picture of the September night that Alyssa Otremba was raped and stabbed more than 80 times.

The transcripts also reveal more information about an attack on another Arbor View High student that happened on March 8th.

The 15-year-old cheerleader was choked so hard inside a tunnel, by Grand Teton and Oso Blanca, that she passed out. Her attacker reportedly threatened he would pull his knife out if she yelled.

Her friend and boyfriend standing on the other end of the dark hole could've been what saved her life.

Flash forward to September, that victim, now 16, saw a young man on the news and recognized him as her alleged attacker.

This time, his victim was put through far worse near that same spot.

The lead homicide detective in the brutal slaying of Alyssa Otremba testified that Javier Righetti saw a little girl walking with a phone. He allegedly decided to jack her, picking her as an "easy target".

As he stalked her through the tunnels, Righetti was reportedly trying to psyche himself up, asking himself "are you going to do this or are you going to be a [expletive]?"

He allegedly asked Otremba to give him everything she had, and she handed him her I-phone.

A sexual assault ensued. While Otremba complied, Righetti allegedly finished and began to stab her repeatedly, in the face, neck and thighs.

With Otremba still alive and struggling, the initials "LV" were carved into her side, representing Las Vegas. She stopped fighting but was still moving.

According to the detective, Righetti later confessed that he wanted to feel that power, before he proceeded to set the innocent girl's body on fire.

Otremba's mother and a forensic pathologist with the coroner's office also testified in front of the grand jury.

Prosecutors say Righetti raped a female cousin in Mazatlan, Mexico, back in August. He has not been charged in that case.

Police say Righetti has confessed to the killing of Otremba, but he entered a not guilty plea at his recent arraignment.

The Clark County District Attorney has announced that it will seek the death penalty for 19-year-old Righetti.