Las Vegas residents file class action lawsuit against Heart Check America

Annette Arreola

Las Vegas residents file class action lawsuit against Heart Check America

CREATED Aug. 9, 2011

Las Vegas, NV (KTNV) - Some residents in Las Vegas are now taking legal action against a medical imaging company called Heart Check America that we covered in a You Ask, We Investigate story a couple months ago.

That company skipped town before many of its customers got the services they'd paid thousands of dollars for in advance. This lawsuit is the first local legal action taken against the business in Nevada.

One of the company's customers was thrilled about the news. She said that Heart Check America not only left her with an outrageous bill, but she also holds them responsible for taking much more than just her money.

Lorraine DiSapio signed a $4,000 10-year contract with Heart Check America, for full body imaging scans. She says she's dished out about $1,200 since February of 2010.

"I paid every month on time, was never late ...Until I heard the story," said DiSapio.

Heart Check America suddenly closed its Sahara office this past May. According to court documents, the company was $35,000 behind on rent and was later evicted. Lorraine, like countless customers, is still stuck with a monthly bill from Chase Health Advance, a third party company used by Heart Check America to finance the cost of the body scan packages.

"How do you expect me to pay for a contract that was breached with me," she added.

And that's just one of the complaints brought forward in a class action lawsuit filed by a Las Vegas man against the company. Lorraine applauds the legal move, but admits that at this point, it gives her little comfort.

Just this week she got a call from a police detective letting her know that all of her personal information had been stolen from an application she'd filled out with Heart Check. And since she stopped paying the balance, Chase Health Advance has tacked on late fees, dinging her credit.

"It's not right that crooks do this and that crooks now have my phone number and social security number...All from Heart Check America," said Lorraine.

Lorraine has hired an attorney, hoping that she won't be obligated to pay that remaining balance. Health officials found out the medical imaging company was in violation of state laws for scanning patients without a doctor's order. So far, we've had no success in reaching anyone from Heart Check America for comment.