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Maggie Rose, 'Looking Back Now' video delivers powerful shot (WATCH)


Maggie Rose, 'Looking Back Now' video delivers powerful shot (WATCH)

By Stephen L. Betts. CREATED Mar 18, 2014

Maggie Rose takes a unique approach with her latest video for the single "Looking Back Now." The clip tells the unforgettable tale of a woman who is second-guessing a series of questionable decisions (fueled by a lethal combination of abuse, alcohol and a firearm). The video features the singer in close-up shots throughout, with just a handul of props -- including a body bag -- that are rarely seen in a country music video, especially one starring a female artist. (Watch the powerful video above.)

"Looking Back Now" is the third single from Maggie's debut album, "Cut to Impress." Produced by Blake Chancey, James Stroud and Stephony Smith, the album features the Top 30 hits "I Ain't Your Mama" and "Better," which stayed on the country music charts for more than 30 weeks.

The Maryland native was also a writer on nearly half of the album's tracks.