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Inside Edge: Kenny Chesney sues over logo use; Blake scores 'husband points'; Eric Church discovers spear fishing

Inside Edge: Kenny Chesney sues over logo use; Blake scores 'husband points'; Eric Church discovers spear fishing

By Kellie Michaels. CREATED Jan 24, 2014

Kenny Chesney has filed a federal lawsuit in Nashville against a company he says produced and sold merchandise with his copyrighted logo without his permission. The singer owns the trademark for a logo showing a guitar leaning against a palm tree. The Tennessean newspaper reports Kenny reached a settlement agreement with the company last January, but the company has continued to sell the merchandise. No word on what damages are being sought at this time.

Blake Shelton knows how to connect with the ladies in his music. His latest single, "Doing What She Wants," is proof. "That's a song that every girl wishes their man would sing to them and I'm trying to get better at it myself," Blake says. "In my situation, Miranda loves it when I blow off whatever I was supposed to do that day and just stay with her and hang out with her and do whatever it is she wants to do that day. I think that record is going to score me some major husband points."
Eric Church and Zac Brown took a vacation together to go spear fishing. Eric says Zac introduced him to the activity. "It’s free diving," he explains. "So you basically leave the shore, you go down to where it's 12 or 15 feet deep, you have snorkel gear on and a spear gun, dive down and kill fish … and I got hooked on it." Zac adds that Eric managed to spear a stingray, which they cleaned, filleted, cooked and ate. But not before the stingray dragged Eric through the water and almost drowned him.
While Trace Adkins is recovering following a relapse with alcoholism, the trailer for a new movie he stars in has debuted. Trace plays a tough guy named "Bones" in the comedy "Mom’s Night Out." The trailer shows Trace as a big, tough guy with a huge heart helping out a young mother who is trying to find her missing child. The singer appears in the trailer quite a few times, and says with much bravado, "We’ve got a baby to find!" while astride a roaring motorcycle. The flick opens in theaters on May 9, 2014.  Watch the trailer here.