PHOTOS: Tips on keeping animals cool in extreme heat

Dogs and other animals need to be protected against extreme heat too. Here are some tips.

  • Put ice cubes in your pet's dog bowl to help keep them cool. Jule P/FLICKR

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of shade if the animal has to spend time outside. Ken Bosma/FLICKR

  • Never leave your dog or cat or any other pet in a car when it is very hot outside. Even for a few minutes. Jed Sullivan/FLICKR

  • Dogs and cats like fans too. It can help cool off your pet too. Andrew Bardwell/FLICKR

  • Your very hairy dog or cat may need a shave during the summer. However, you should probably leave some hair to protect their skin. Animals can get sunburns too! Niall Kennedy/FLICKR

  • Remember that your pet's paws are sensitive. If it is too hot for you to walk on the pavement, it is too hot for them. Toby Otter/FLICKR

  • A very wet towel is a good way to cool down a hot cat or dog. Debra/FLICKR

  • Some dogs love to be squirted with a water hose and it is an easy way to cool them down. Chris Ulloa/FLICKR

  • If your dog has to spend time outside, buy an inexpensive children's pool for them to lie in. Russell Harrison

  • Walk your dog or dogs early in the morning or in the evening. Donovan Hennenberg-Verity/FLICKR