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Tavern owner worries proposed rule change could put her out of business

Some small tavern owners in Clark County are worried a proposed change to gaming revenue rules could put them out of business.

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RiSE firestorm continues, people demand refunds

The firestorm over the RiSE Lantern Festival continues. Days later people are still fuming and demanding refunds.

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Life is Beautiful in downtown Las Vegas to boost local economy

Some of the biggest names in the music, art and culinary worlds will be in Las Vegas this weekend for the Life is Beautiful Festival.

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Downtown Project's first hotel opens: Oasis at Gold Spike

Just in time for the Life is Beautiful Festival, a new hotel has opened in downtown Las Vegas.

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Teen collapses, dies after visiting haunted house attraction

A 16-year-old girl from Ohio died Friday night after walking through a haunted house attraction.

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