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Neighbors want lot covered with trash to get cleaned up

Neighbors want to know what it will take to clean up the litter covering a vacant lot in the southeast valley.

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Domestic dispute escalates into fatal fight near Grand Teton and Buffalo

A lot of people in a valley neighborhood woke up to a chaotic situation on Monday morning.

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Attorney for child allegedly killed by foster father demanding answers

The court-appointed attorney for the 18-month-old girl allegedly killed by her foster father is now demanding an investigation.

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New program aims to help long-term unemployed

It's a problem some 46,000 Nevadans are dealing with: Long-term unemployment. But there's a new program in Las Vegas aimed at helping some get back to work.

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Hannah Graham suspect indicted in 2005 sexual assault

It remains unconfirmed how this indictment will relate to the investigation of missing U.Va. student Hannah Graham.

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