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Meth lab found in senior citizen community

Meth lab found in senior citizen community

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jun 16, 2014

Robert Short, 64, was pulled over during a routine traffic stop in Fresno, Calif., Saturday night, and police found meth in Short's car. A meth lab was later discovered in Short's apartment, which is located inside a retirement community. He reportedly moved in just a few months prior to his arrest.

Police have accused Short of cooking and distributing drugs at his California League-Fresno Village senior citizen residence. "After searching his apartment, they found a half pound of meth, heroin and materials for a meth lab," reports ABC 30.

Short is currently on supervised release from prior meth sales, which is why his car was searched in the first place.

"When the officers searched the car they located four ounces of methamphetamine in the car, which is a lot of methamphetamine, so that's consistent with somebody who's selling," Fresno police Lt. Joe Gomez tells ABC 30. "Just shocking someone that age would do that, but actually a perfect place to do it, right? Retirement village, who would suspect it going on there?" 

Scales and baggies were also in Short's car, which police say is further evidence of his intent to distribute the drugs. The street value of the meth Short was carrying at the time of his arrest is estimated at $1,700.