Twin toilets in Sochi Olympic facilities draw laughs

Phyllis Stark


Twin toilets in Sochi Olympic facilities draw laughs

By Phyllis Stark. CREATED Feb 2, 2014

The Olympics are about unity, right? But maybe not this kind. A pair of toilets inside the security check point at the multi-million dollar Main Media Centre at Olympic Park are paired up and getting lots of laughs, the Associated Press reports. Last month, a BBC reporter tweeted a photo of similar twin toilets at the mountaintop Olympic skiing and biathlon center.

While the construction of twin toilets is entertaining, there are still bigger projects that have not been completed just days before the start of the games on Thursday, Feb. 6. Sochi organizers say six hotels in the mountains are not fully operational.
Those Sochi organizers think as many as 6,000 members of the media are going to arrive there on Monday, Feb. 3, and if hotels aren’t complete, then toilets may not be the only thing people are sharing, reports AP’s Mark Carlson