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Miracle baby born to brain dead mother in Canada


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Miracle baby born to brain dead mother in Canada

By Krista Hostetler. CREATED Feb 12, 2014

We're meeting the miracle baby born to a brain dead mother.

Iver Benson was born 12 weeks premature over the weekend. He's tiny, weighing in at only two-pounds and 13-ounces, but doctors said he's a healthy boy.

His mother Robyn died shortly after her C-Section in Canada last weekend. She suffered a brain hemorrhage last December, but was kept alive so doctors could deliver the baby.

Her husband, Dylan Benson, is thrilled to be a proud new dad but he's also nursing a broken heart. He says of the baby, "It's amazing, he's just really cute. He's really small and I'm just glad he's here."

Iver will have to stay in intensive care for two to three months, so he can grow and get stronger.