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Man who snapped selfie during Pamplona bull run sought by police


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Man who snapped selfie during Pamplona bull run sought by police

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jul 15, 2014

The unidentified man who snapped a selfie while running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain, is being sought by local police to face a fine of about $4,100 (3,000 euros).

"Carrying any device to record video or take pictures is prohibited during the running, because it distracts the runner from trying to stay out of harm's way, and doing anything that endangers others is considered a serious offense, according to the city's new rules," reports CNN.

"On Spanish state television's official video of the running, the selfie man is seen toward the end of the 850-meter, or half-mile, course holding a recording device that looks like a phone, high in his right hand," further reports CNN. "This is just before the bulls enter the bullring on a downhill slope, and the pace is fast. The man appears on the video at one minute and 56 seconds after the run began, on the right of the street, with the bulls a few steps behind."

A total of 42 people were taken to a hospital for injuries throughout this year's eight-day run.

Julianne Cassidy

Julianne Cassidy

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