French ad shows creepy emoticons brought to life

French ad shows creepy emoticons brought to life

By Julianne Cassidy. CREATED Jan 16, 2014

A tearful emoticon, or a smiley or kissy face, each looks "sweet" online. But what if you're a child talking to a stranger? And what if this stranger is an adult predator?


Innocence en Danger is an international non-profit, shielding children from sexual abuse as its mission. "Innocence en Danger is present in five countries (France, USA, Germany, Colombia, Switzerland) and partner associations throughout the world, sharing the same objectives," notes their website. The group "brings together activists, Internet specialists, jurists, policy makers from politics, economics, media, in order to raise global awareness on the growing problem posed by the pedo-criminality."


Their latest ad campaign simply asks one question, "Who's really chatting online with your child?" And surrounding that terrifying thought is an almost-equally as terrifying image, a digitally-manipulated adult male's face in the enlarged shape of an online emoticon.


Makes you second guess exchanging another emoticon with a stranger, doesn't it?