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Camera ball takes panoramic shots with 1 throw


Camera ball takes panoramic shots with 1 throw

By Cassie Alsup. CREATED Nov 12, 2013

If you've ever thought, "the panorama photo on my phone just isn't good enough," never fear. Help is on the way.

Set to release in the Fall of 2014, The Panono Ball (seen above) takes exact panoramic photos by taking pics simultaneously at multiple different angles, Mashable reports.

Boasting 36 cameras in all, the ball is engineered to know when to snap the shot, when it has reached the highest point of its throw, and then delivers the "spliced" image right to your tablet or smartphone.

Funding for the Panono Ball starts this week, but this isn't the fist camera ball of its kind. The Squito and Bulbcam are also in development, with the Bulbcam even able to shoot video.

We aren't sure if buying or using a camera like this is practical. But it certainly sounds fun!


Cassie Alsup

Cassie Alsup

Cassie Alsup is a native Knoxvillian and collector of all things nifty. Whether it's a unique recipe, a spoiler about the next episode of "Girls" or a video of a dog dressed up like a construction worker, nothing delights her more than sharing these gems with other people.