Creighton Looking For Answers

Garrett Gordon

Creighton Looking For Answers

CREATED Jan. 24, 2013

Omaha, NE - Just one week ago everything was going great for Creighton.  They looked like a top ten team on the verge of a historic season.  Now, they are staring at a two-game losing streak that includes a loss to a struggling Drake.

It's not the type of loss that looks good at the end of the season.  However, it's still early in the season.  The Jays will have plenty of opportunities to rebound.  Last year Creighton fought off a three-game slump in the middle of the season before reeling off eight straight wins en route to the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

If Creighton can stop the bleeding against Southern Illinois this Sunday they will still have a chance to reach the 30-win mark.  If the Jays win out they can finish 30-3 on the year.  It's a mark that is within their reach.  And after yesterday's game both players and coaches believed they just need to refocus and work on fixing their attitude.

-Garrett Gordon