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West Omaha Apartment Fire Caused By Cigarette

West Omaha Apartment Fire Caused By Cigarette

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jul 20, 2013

 Omaha, NE - Around 10p.m. Friday night, a blaze started at the Apple Creek apartments near 140th and West Center.  No one was injured but more than 50 residents were displaced.

Saturday, residents sifted through the debris searching for their belongings.  Much of the building was destroyed by fire.  What wasn't touched by flames was damaged by water or smoke. 

Fire Battalion Chief John Kohlbek says the fire started on a second floor balcony after one resident improperly put out a cigarette.  That resident is not facing charges.

In June, Applewood Pointe Apartments caught on fire after someone put out a cigarette in flammable potting soil and in March, the Hillsborough apartments also caught on fire due to a cigarette.  The Metro Omaha Tobacco Action Coalition is now urging all apartments to go "smoke-free".

For a list of apartments that are smoke-free, click here: http://www.motac.org/housingoptions.aspx