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West Omaha Apartment Complex Sees Third Fire in 13 Months

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Photo: Video by kmtv.com

West Omaha Apartment Complex Sees Third Fire in 13 Months

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Jan 24, 2014 - UPDATED: Jan 24, 2014
Omaha, NE - As if once isn't bad enough, Yvette Anguiano has watched three buildings in her apartment complex go up in flames.
"It just makes you question things," she said. "That doesn't happen. I don't know. It's just sad."
The first fire at Hillsborough Pointe Apartments was in December 2012. Another building caught fire in March 2013. 
Cigarettes were to blame in both.
Recently, the apartment complex announced it'll be smoke-free.
Investigators are still looking into the cause of Friday's fire.
"They solved that problem by making smoke-free buildings," said resident Brandon Ray. "(It's) just sad to say the third building that catches on fire is a smoke-free building."
Firefighters said the fire started on the third floor and spread to the attic. 
Randy Clemens lives on the second floor and said he went door-to-door making sure everyone got out.
"I got through the apartment door," he said. "I took a step or two, and the smoke was thick so I got down. I was looking around to make sure I didn't see anybody. I yelled with all I had, but it was hard to yell because the smoke was pretty bad."
Between fire, smoke and water, 12 apartments were damaged. It's left some to wonder if it's time to move.
"As far as signing up again next April, it's not looking good because of this and other problems we've had," said Ray.
Firefighters said one person was taken to Lakeside Hospital in serious condition with smoke inhalation.