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Wahoo Meat Locker Set To Reopen


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Wahoo Meat Locker Set To Reopen

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Oct 11, 2013
Wahoo, NE - It has been a long five months for the owners of the Wahoo Meat Locker. 
They restarted their business from scratch after a devastating fire last spring. 
"They're very excited," said owner Charlie Emswiler, when asked about his customers. "They're nuts. They're about to break the door down."
There was never a doubt in Emswiler's mind that his business would be back.
"It's very well liked by the community," he said. "There was no option. It was a must."
It was that determination that built the Wahoo Meat Locker from the ground up.
The locker processes, smokes and sells meat. 
On May 8, a fire broke out near a smoker in the back of the building. The flames scorched the top of the building and closed the business.
David Holland was working that day.
"We didn't know what was going on," he said. "Then, before we knew it, it got out of control to the point where we had to leave because smoke was taking over everything."
All summer, Emswiler, Holland and the rest of their co-workers worked to build a better business.
"It's not just a local thing," said Holland. "We do stuff for people everywhere."
The new location has a lot more space.
Emswiler has expanded the retail side of the business and can now produce more items. 
He has also hired three more employees.
"(We were) very determined," said Emswiler. "We had it in mind to rebuild anyways, so it sped things up. We really went with it fast."
Emswiler said he will be here all night getting the store ready. 
The grand opening is set for Saturday at 8 a.m.