Two More Spa Prostitution Defendants Take Plea Deals

Jake Wasikowski

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Two More Spa Prostitution Defendants Take Plea Deals

CREATED Sep. 11, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Two more defendants in the spa prostitution ring that had all of Omaha speculating, take a plea.  Some wonder if the case will ever go to trial, and if the apparent client list will ever be revealed.

Christopher Tierney was the IT guy for the spas.  He set up the camera system and also the website that, the feds say, solicited prostitution.  Tierney pleads guilty to one count of Conspiracy, and gets 9 other dropped including using the internet to solicit prostitution.  Tammy Schuck has a Change of Plea Hearing next week.

Over a 15 year span, federal prosecutors say spas mostly known as the 93rd Street Spa at 93rd & Maple Rd., the 72nd Street Spa at 72nd & Dodge St., and the "It Works Spa" at 87th & Center St. were fronts for prostitution.  Most of the defendants are alleged to have been involved with the spas between 2008-2012.  The indictment says they advertised in the yellow pages and on the internet.

Christopher Tierney changed his plea to guilty, Schuck will change her plea soon, the main manager William Knox was sentenced to 12 months and one day in federal prison, and Kimberly Bivens received 37 months behind bars.  Tabatha Ashburn still awaits trial.  Defense Attorney James Martin Davis doesn’t think there will be a trail in this spa prostitution case.

"I think it was a foregone conclusion from the beginning because the case was well put together.  They spent 100s of thousands of dollars on a quote prostitution case," Davis explained.

But what most wondered is if the list of client names, estimated at more than 1,000, would be released in trial.  Davis says the apparent list was likely credit card printouts from customers, and there's no way to tell who was at the spa for legitimate massage without including sexual acts.

"I want to tell the public right now that there is no way that any names who were on the lists is ever going to surface," Davis noted.

Former City of Omaha Prosecutor Marty Conboy says it's too late to charge anyone on the spa's list, and the U.S. Attorney couldn't completely rely on it.

"But that list may or may not have accurate information in places, and if any of it is suspect you can't release any of it because you wouldn't want to taint someone who was put on that list out of spite or to mislead the police," Conboy described.

Davis says just the speculation of who may be on the spa's client list has already done enough damage.

"All the names that were surfaced, including the people in the press, I know were not there," Davis concluded.

The U.S. Attorney's Office couldn't comment on the pending cases but said Schuck and Ashburn are still awaiting trial, but if they are actually going to trail is still to be determined.  Schuck's pending trial is likely already over.  Tierney will be sentenced in December.