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Sheriff Releases Names Of Storm Victims


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Sheriff Releases Names Of Storm Victims

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Jun 17, 2014
(KMTV) Cuming county officials have identified the victims of Monday night's storm.
One man was killed in a car wreck as the tornado passed through the area.  He's identified as 74-year-old David Herout.  He was driving near Pilger when the tornadoes moved through.  His car was blown off the road and he was thrown out of it. 
The Omaha police department announced Herout was the father of OPD officer Doug Herout.  Doug was providing security at the College World Series when the storms hit Pilger.  He was notified shortly after of the death of his father.
In a show of support, there was a moment of silence at Tuesday's CWS game for all the victims of the tornadoes. 
The second death, 5-year-old Calista Dixon who died while trying to find shelter and safety with her family. 
42-year old Kandi Murphees moved her three children to Pilger about four months ago from Huntsville Alabama for a fresh start.  That start would get rocky as storms ripped apart their new home. 
Kandi's son, Cody said he was at work at Heritage Homes in Wayne, NE when he got the news that a tornado had touched down in Stanton and was headed right towards Pilger.
Cody called his mom from work and told her to leave their mobile home and seek shelter right away.  "From what I hear they were trying to make it to across the street to either the bank or the gas station, but by that time it was just too late and everything hit."
Cody's youngest sister, 4-year-old Robin Dixon managed to survive and make it out alive with only a couple of scratches.
Kandi is currently in a medically induced coma after suffering lacerations to both the front and back of her head.  She is expected to survive.
His 5-year-old sister, Calista Dixon did not make it out alive.
Donations are being collected for the family at Heritage Homes in Wayne, NE.