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Road Delays At 84th And L Street

Road Delays At 84th And L Street

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Aug 11, 2013

Omaha, NE - It's sure to cause some driving headaches, construction at 84th and L Street starts Monday.  The bright orange cones leading up to the intersection of 84th and L can only mean one thing, traffic jams are likely.  "We certainly ask the motorists to look for an alternative route and go around that area," says city construction engineer Tim O'Bryan. 

Beginning August 13th, drivers can expect delays if the intersection is part of their morning commute.  "Obviously, there are a number of vehicles that run through that intersection on a daily basis, when you start winding that down to one lane, it starts to back up quite a bit," says O'Bryan.
The city is starting a project that will widen the street to add left turning lanes each way.  When complete, it's expected to increase the flow of traffic through that intersection.  "Double lefts will allow additional cars to get in and it will increase the stacking amount," says O'Bryan. 
The project will cost 1.2 million dollars and is paid for by safety funds.  According to O'Bryan, safety funds are granted to provide modifications to roads with dangerous intersections. "Safety funds look at different intersections throughout the city.  Typically, there is a high accident rate associated with that location."
By adding double left turning lanes to the north, south, east and west lanes of traffic, the city hopes to see less collisions and congestion at 84th and L.  Construction is expected to last through the end of the year.