Ret. Profiler Calls Dr. Garcia a "Workplace Violence Offender"

Jake Wasikowski

Ret. Profiler Calls Dr. Garcia a "Workplace Violence Offender"

CREATED Jul. 22, 2013

Omaha, NE -- A retired criminal profiler says he understands how police say Garcia has elements of a serial killer, but he believes the perceived motive puts him in a different category.

Police have linked it to one man, 41 year-old Doctor Anthony Garcia, to four high-profile deaths in Omaha.  Investigators believe Garcia murdered the son of Dr. William Hunter, Thomas, and their housekeeper Shirlee Sherman at the Hunter home in Dundee in 2008.  They have also charged him with killing Dr. Roger and Mary Brumback in May 2013.  Garcia was fired from the Creighton University Pathology Department by Dr. Brumback and Dr. Hunter in 2001.

OPD Chief Todd Schmaderer said that Garcia had elements of a serial killer.  Gary plank is an assistant professor at Nebraska Wesleyan, and a retired criminal profiler with the Nebraska State Patrol.  He says serial killers typically kill two or more people and have a cooling off period between crimes, use multiple weapons, and have extensive planning which Plank agrees with.  But when it comes to motive, Plank believes the accused should be considered a “Workplace Violence Offender”.

"They hold a grudge from that previous employer and they just can’t move on from that a lot of times.  They continue to look back and not look forward,” Plank explained. "They keep looking back and blaming what happened back there and they say you made my life miserable."

When Garcia was fired from Creighton University’s Residency Program, he struggled to get a medical license because he lied about the termination on applications.  But he apparently did not turn up as a major suspect in 2008 because he did not threaten anyone when he was fired.  Chief Schmaderer said that if it wasn’t for the formation of the task force to solve these murders, they may not have identified Garcia.

"They are very careful after that not to let those people know after they've decided to take some action because it would not be in their advantage to let the person know," Plank explained.

Plank says these type of killers feel justified for what they've done, and that the accused may not have just targeted the Brumback and Hunter families.  OPD says Thomas Hunter and Shirlee Sherman were likely not the targets in 2008.

“He has done it twice thoughtfully, and so it would depend on if he had other places he felt justified in doing it," Plank concluded.

Tuesday morning, Garcia will have his first court appearance in Douglas County Jail Court.  Garcia will either have his bond set or denied.  W. Patrick Dunn and Daniel Stockman have been hired as Garcia's co-counsel from Omaha.