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Rape Victim's Son Speaks Out About Her Attack

Rebekah Rae

Rape Victim's Son Speaks Out About Her Attack

CREATED Jul. 25, 2013

Omaha, NE - Sollowin's family is stunned by the attack and her sudden death.  She lived in her community for decades, and helped run a bakery.

Funeral plans are underway at Saint Francis Cabrini for 93 year old Louise.  Her family says Louise was a healthy woman who still had a lot of spirit.
The house where 93-year old Louise raised her family is where she was attacked.  Joe Sollowin feels nothing but anger toward Sergio Perez.  Police say the 19-year old raped and beat the woman.
Louise died in a hospital bed Wednesday evening; her family surrounded her until the end.   The images of Sollowin's beaten mother will not leave his head, but he wanted to remember the woman who gave him life, as a happy and talented mother.
While prosecutors say Perez has no criminal history, Sollowin says he doubts that.  "You don't do this type of crime with this much violence as your first offense, no, you've done this before, you've beat woman before, you've done this before," says Sollowin
Sollowin says he talked to his mother Saturday night.  Sometime early the next morning she was attacked.  Now he wonders if there were any security measures he could have taken to prevent the intrusion.