Pregnant Woman Carries Neighbor Away From Fire

Rebekah Rae

Pregnant Woman Carries Neighbor Away From Fire

CREATED Jul. 28, 2013

Omaha, NE - The American Red Cross is assisting the families whose apartments were damaged overnight.  Residents who live on the south side of the apartment building at 52nd and Spaulding could be back home in a few days.

Firefighters say just before 1:30 Sunday morning, a kitchen grease fire spread and caused damage to an apartment building.  No one was hurt thanks to one woman's heroic actions.
Hours after her apartment building were incinerated by fire, Manek Campbell is back to look at the damage.  "I was worried about everybody, it was a lot of smoke," said Campbell.  Campbell smelled smoke and her quick actions saved the lives of everyone in the building.
She said the smoke quickly spread around the building, Campbell told her daughters to drop to the ground and crawl outside.  "Then I saw my neighbor lying down on the ground and her daughter was screaming, my mommy my mommy!"  With the help of her daughters, Campbell grabbed the young crying girl and escaped the fire.  Her neighbor still unconscious inside.  
Campbell then called 911, "They told me they were on their way, and I heard stuff crackling, I said, I can't leave the lady inside because I don't want her to die."   Without thinking, Campbell bravely ran back into the fire.  Risking her life and her unborn child, Campbell is pregnant but that didn't stop her.  "That baby gave me the rush to go up there and get her mommy cause she was screaming my mommy is in there, please somebody help my mommy."
After carrying the unconscious woman outside, Campbell ran back into this building one more time to warn everyone else.  By the time medics arrived, the unconscious woman was awake.  
Firefighters say the unconscious woman and her daughter were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, they should be okay.