Parents Plead to Bellevue School Board for Student Safety

Meghan Matthews

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Parents Plead to Bellevue School Board for Student Safety

CREATED Oct. 7, 2013

Bellevue, NE - "The school has done nothing, to better the situation. And it's happened not just this school year, multiple school years."

In front of Bellevue's school board frustrated parents sounded off about the problems at Avery Elementary.

"I've been kicked, punched, hit and spat on."
Michael Caldwell's daughter, Libby, is in the fourth grade at Avery. He says over the last year her classroom has been evacuated multiple times because the bullying is out of control.
"I think that the principal at this school has an opportunity and has had for over a year now with students, teachers, faculty and staff. Letting her know we need more attention on this situation and the results have not changed."
Even Libby says she's afraid to go to school.
"My parents can only protect me from what they know is happening. I want to take responsibility but I do not have that strength. I want to help my school be safe."
Parents are angry with the school because no notifications have been sent home, regarding the violence.
Afraid for their daughter's safety the Caldwell's, alongside several families made a plea to their school board for a change.
"I think safety is all the rage that we have to keep our children safe keep our children safe. But here's an opportunity to keep our children safe and I quite frankly just don't understand what is going on in the school where that kind of behavior is allowed to go on."
When board members came out of their executive session Monday night, they tell Action 3 this isn't the first time they've heard of the problems at Avery and they've already made changes there. They say of course student safety is a major concern and they'll continue to look into the issues.