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Papillion Family's Christmas Decorations Damaged


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Papillion Family's Christmas Decorations Damaged

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Dec 10, 2013 - UPDATED: Dec 10, 2013
Papillion, NE - Sara Kuttner, 4, is counting down the days until Santa comes down the chimney.
"Santa is going to eat my cookies and drink my milk," she told Action 3 News on Tuesday.
Sara made her list, set up her own tree and helped mom and dad decorate the house.
"Sara just adds to the reason we decorate," said James Kuttner, Sara's dad. "We all know when we were kids, there's no greater feeling than Christmas spirit."
Every year, Sara gets to spend some time with Santa at the mall.
This year was no different, except this weekend, she had to break the big guy some news.
"The bad guys knocked my reindeer down and then they went home," said Sara. "Now my dad has to try to fix them."
Early Saturday morning, someone smashed the two mechanical reindeer Sara loved so much.
"I think they should come back and fix my stuff," said James. "I want that individual to explain to my four-year-old why you would do that."
James decided to team up with Santa and fight back.
"As I stewed about it at work, I thought you know what I need to do is put a sign out there," said James.
The sign reads: "Sara, the sweet little girl who lives here, will still have a great Christmas. I will make sure of it. Don't bother sending me your list. Love, Santa."
"I'm not going to brush it under the carpet,' said James. "No, you did something wrong, and I want people to know there are punks out there."
The Kuttner family said they have no idea who damaged their decorations.
Their plan is to leave everything as is in the yard to serve as a reminder. 
Next year, they will buy new deer for Sara.