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Jenkins Tells Investigators Voices Made Him Kill

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Jenkins Tells Investigators Voices Made Him Kill

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Oct 1, 2013

OMAHA, NE -- Investigators say accused killer Nikko Jenkins admitted to the murders of four people including, mother of 3, Andrea Kruger.  Disturbing details about why Jenkins allegedly carried out the killings were revealed in jail court Tuesday morning.

Douglas County Court Judge Jeffrey Marcuzzo found enough evidence to move Jenkins to District Court.  A trial date will be set at a later time.  Prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

The victim’s families left quietly after the preliminary hearing where authorities say Nikko Jenkins claimed voices in his head told him to carry out the murders.

Investigators say Jenkins allegedly murdered Jorge Cajiga-Ruiz and Juan Uribe-Pena on August 11th because he needed money.  Jenkins told investigators he was "under the orders of Egyptian demon Gods." 

But Christine Bordeaux told authorities she, and Erica Jenkins acted like a prostitute to lure the men to be robbed.

Authorities believe Curtis Bradford was killed by Jenkins, while he was ready to carry out a robbery.  Jenkins told investigators he killed Bradford because, “the only way to cure my headaches was to kill or be killed."

Bradford was found dead on august 19th near 18th & Clark St. with a hoodie over his head, a handkerchief around his neck, and gloves on his hands.  Jenkins told investigators he first shot Bradford with a .357 but he didn’t die, so he shot him again in the head with a shotgun.

Mother of 3, Andrea Kruger was on her way home after work before she was killed at 168th & fort St. on August 21st.  Investigators say Nikko, Erica Jenkins, Christine Bordeaux, and Warren Levering first saw Kruger at the McDonald’s on 168th & W. Maple Rd.  They allegedly pulled in front of her and stopped at 168th & Fort St.  That's where Nikko says jumped out of his vehicle with a rifle, pulled Kruger out of her SUV, and forced her to the ground.  Jenkins told investigators that Kruger said, “No no. Please don’t.”

Prosecutors say Jenkins shot Kruger four times with a 9 millimeter high powered rifle, once each in the front and back of her head.

"Certainly she was defenseless, she had an individual with a firearm who took her out of a car and she had nowhere to go and nothing she could do," Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine explained.

Jenkins told investigators, "Kruger was sacrificed to appease the God, Apophis."

Apophis is an ancient Egyptian spirit of evil.  Bordeaux told investigators that she, Nikko, Erica Jenkins, and Warren Levering were looking for a car to steal so they could rob people after the Lil’ Wayne and 2 Chainz concert.

Police found Kruger's SUV near 43rd & Hamilton later that day with the inside burned, but not severely.  Investigators say a shotgun slug and live rifle round was found inside Kruger's SUV with Nikko's DNA on it.  Investigators say Kruger's, and Bradford's DNA was found on the high-powered rifle Jenkins used in their murders.

Nikko's defense, Public Defender Tom Reilly, questioned why investigators didn't consider his mental instability, saying that Jenkins previously had clearly asked for mental help.  Investigators say that the Nebraska Department of Corrections notified the Omaha Police Department that Jenkins was being released from jail, and that Jenkins made statements about doing harm.

"That's his (Nikko’s) version at some point in time as to what he said to law enforcement, there's certainly other versions we have with eye witness testimony, people that were with him, those kinds of things so I think there will be a differ of opinion as to why he did what he did," Kleine described.

Prosecutors said that they met with investigators to talk about possible other charges for those other people involved including Erica Jenkins, Christine Bordeaux, and Warren Levering.  Erica Jenkins is currently charged with 1st Degree Murder and Robbery among other felonies.  Bordeaux is charged with Terroristic Threats and Shoplifting.  Levering is charged with being an Accessory to a Felony in the Kruger murder.