Neighbors to Greentree Park Fed Up with Teen Activity

Meghan Matthews

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Neighbors to Greentree Park Fed Up with Teen Activity

CREATED Jul. 30, 2013

Omaha, NE - Emotions ran high among neighbors standing underneath the pavilion at Greentree Park.

"A lot of it is just the safety of my kids."

Fear and anger were some of them.

"Yeah, we've had our house egged before, my husbands truck got robbed twice, broke into twice."
Neighbors who live near 129th and Maple are fed up with the illegal activity going on at Greentree.
Police say noise complaints, drug activity, vandalism, assaults and robberies have increased there over the last six months.
"We really started noticing a lot of activity when the weather started getting nice  in April and we saw an increase in calls in April, May June and a sudden decrease in July."
More than 100 people living near the park met Tuesday night to tell police they're tired of feeling scared in their own neighborhood.
"My husband's found like knives hidden in the sand down here, I mean things that are just absurd for us to be able to deal with and I can't bring my kids out here."
"The kids have come here to the park into here where the picnic tables are and dumped over garbage, just kinda destroyed the whole area."
"I'm hoping honestly that you guys being here and all the attention is going to prevent them from thinking it's an ok idea to be out here."