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Mother of Son Killed While Crossing Street:"I'm disappointed"


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Mother of Son Killed While Crossing Street:"I'm disappointed"

By Lindsey Theis. CREATED Aug 8, 2013

Omaha, NE- The mother of a 19 year old who was hit near 45th and J last month says she still has questions about the accident.

"It just still doesn't seem real," Vicki Smith says.

Vicki Smith's son Jerome Collier was hit by a van July 11th. According to police reports, the 19-year-old was walking home. A woman hit him with her van. After several surgeries, strokes, and massive internal damage, Collier wasn't making a comeback. Doctors took him off life support a week later.

According to police reports, the driver said she didn't see Jerome Collier, but Vicki Smith says there's visibility even halfway down the block.

"I was so disappointed that she wasn't charged with anything," she said.

The county attorney never charged the driver. Omaha police say they've concluded their investigation. They say she hadn't been drinking. Police didn't test for drugs; they will only do that if the person dies on the scene.

Smith says she still has too many unanswered questions and won't stop until she has answers. She thinks someone knows something and hasn't told the police. The family hopes people will come forward with new tips.

"I think his story is getting lost. I think because they said it's a simple accident that there's no reason to look to it any further. Right now we just want the truth, justice," she said.

The police report said witnesses reported seeing Collier on a cell phone right before the crash. When we asked Omaha police about the case, they said they handed their information to the county attorney,and the case is closed.