Mikael Loyd Bound Over for First Degree Murder

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Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Mikael Loyd Bound Over for First Degree Murder

By Emily Szink. CREATED Sep 10, 2013

The young man accused of strangling his girlfriend to death went before a judge Tuesday Morning.

Mikael Loyd has been held in Douglas County Jail without bond for the first degree murder of 19-year-old Melissa Rodriguez.

Loyd’s family previously told KMTV that Mikael suffers from both mental illness and anger issues.  In court on Tuesday he let his emotions get the best of him.  At one point he interrupted witness testimony, and he even shouted out "guilty, guilty" during his attorney's closing arguments. 

"We have had defendants who have said things or made outbursts in the middle of court proceedings.  Sometimes it's emotions at that point," Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine explained. "Anything that anybody says that's a voluntary statement can be used against them."

Back on August 15th a worker at the Graceland Park Cemetery found Loyd's girlfriend, Melissa Rodriguez’s body dumped in a grave intended for someone else.

Days before that, on August 12th, OPD checked Loyd into the Lasting Hope Facility, a center for psychiatric help after detectives became concerned about statements Loyd had made regarding an unrelated matter.

Loyd told detectives that he then checked himself out of the facility on the August 14Th by quote, “telling doctors what he needed to say in order to leave. 

Loyd then met Rodriguez at Hitchcock Park where the two argued, made up and then argued some more.  During their confrontation the two moved to Graceland Park Cemetery where Loyd noticed someone digging a grave, they continued their discussion there.

Loyd told detectives the couple was arguing about his mental state.  He admitted to detectives that it was in the cemetery that he strangled his girlfriend to death and dumped her body in the freshly dug grave.

Loyd then got rid of Melissa's cell phone, his hat and his shoes and checked himself back into Lasting Hope around 9:15 pm on August 14th.  He then requested that the staff washes his clothes.

On August 16th Loyd was picked up at Lasting Hope on misdemeanor domestic assault charges and later booked for first degree murder.