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UPDATE: Body Identified Near 18th and Clark

Emily Szink

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UPDATE: Body Identified Near 18th and Clark

CREATED Aug. 19, 2013

Update: Omaha police identified the victim as 22-year-old Curtis Bradford. They have not said how he died, only that they're investigating it as a homicide.

Omaha, NE - Monday afternoon, investigators were still searching for answers into what led up to a body being discovered near 18th and Clark St. 

Monday morning, Bobby Rogers found the body slumped against his garage when he came home from work.  "It's not good for our community," said Rogers, "I hear about it all the time, but when you see it, it gives you a whole different perspective.” 

“I went up to inspect the body to make sure it was just clothes, it didn't appear that way.  I seen shoes and the way the body was positioned, and I didn't see any movement or breathing.  I didn't touch the body and I didn't see the back moving up and down, and I'm pretty sure we had a body at that point,” said Rogers. 

Rogers says the victim had a hood over his head and was wearing gloves and the way he was positioned against the garage made it hard to get a good look at him.

“He is leaning up against the garage face down like this, so you can't tell what color, race or what age or anything,” said Rogers. 

Rogers ran over to a neighbor's home to borrow their phone and call 911.  Minutes later police arrived, blocked off the area and started their investigation.

Hours later, police identified the body as Curtis Bradford.  Action 3 News uncovered Bradford had a long criminal history and even served two years in prison for burglary.