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Letter Shows Recent Connection Between Brumback, Garcia

Letter Shows Recent Connection Between Brumback, Garcia

By Jake Wasikowski. CREATED Jul 16, 2013

 Omaha, NE -- Documents from the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency reveal Garcia's problems in the medical profession may show a history of a man struggling to get work.

November 2012, Doctor Anthony Garcia withdrew his application for a license with the Medical License Board of Indiana after he found out they were going to deny his application for not telling them he was terminated from two residency programs including at Creighton.
Garcia resigned from the Bassett-St. Elizabeth Family Medicine Residency Program in New York in 1999.  They indicated he resigned because he faced a disciplinary hearing because of his unprofessional an inappropriate conduct during an incident.  
In July 2001, Garcia was fired from his Creighton University Pathology Residency for calling another resident to tell him he needed to get back on campus.  That resident was taking a high-risk exam at the time, which would determine whether or not they would continue with the residency.  The university said Garcia's actions caused considerable anxiety and distress to the resident and his wife.  Doctor Roger Brumback was Chairman of the Pathology Department and Doctor William Hunter was the Program Director at the time.  Both were part of that decision.  In a letter to the State of Indiana, Garcia claimed he was fired because he called a pathology resident and told him his vacation wasn't approved.
Then in 2008, he was fired from the Shreveport Louisiana Psychiatry Residency because he couldn't obtain a medical license, since he never disclosed his previous terminations to the Louisiana Board.  The denial was issued February 27, 2008 exactly two weeks before Thomas Hunter and Shirlee Sherman were murdered in the Hunter’s Dundee home.  Police believe they weren't the targets.
Garcia filed the Indiana Medical License Application in 2012.   It included a letter from Doctor Roger Brumback documenting the training he completed at Creighton University in 2001, and discussed his firing from the program.
In the letter, Doctor Brumback wrote, “Doctor Garcia was involved in an incident that the program felt was unprofessional behavior toward a fellow resident.”
Garcia withdrew his Indiana Medical License Application in November 2012 after finding out it was going to be denied by the board.  Dr. Brumback and his wife Mary were murdered in their home, 6 months later.
Tuesday afternoon, the attorney’s hired to represent Garcia they said they are on their way to speak with him for the first time and have not looked at the evidence yet.  Garcia will have an extradition hearing in Union County, IL Wednesday morning.