Loyd Admits He Killed Girlfriend; Loyd Family Wants Answers

Meghan Matthews

Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Loyd Admits He Killed Girlfriend; Loyd Family Wants Answers

CREATED Aug. 20, 2013

Omaha, NE - A family whose identity we are protecting, wants answers.

"When he was at Lasting Hope facility, how did he get out? How long had he been out?"

For the Loyd family, dozens of unanswered questions surround what happened in the death of 19 year old Melissa Rodriguez. In court, prosecutors said her accused killer; Mikael Loyd admitted he did it.

"The cause of death that we had from the autopsy was strangulation, and he made admissions that, that was the cause of death also."

Loyd admitted he strangled Melissa at Hitchcock Park on August 14th, then dumper her body in an open grave site at Graceland Park Cemetery. He said he killed her, because Melissa reminded him of his mother, who Loyd says, killed his father in the 90's.

"Mikael had a very difficult childhood coming up and I don't really think his mother really understood how sick Mike was."

His family says Mikael's mother did not commit that murder, but his bad relationship with her could have triggered Mikael's mental illness and anger.

"Somebody dropped the ball here, and I think it's on both ends."

Days before Mikael said he committed the murder; the family says they got a phone call from an OPD detective.

"He told me Mikael needed help. He asked me where could he take him to get the help, well they had Mikael right then and there. He was in their care, he was in their custody."

The family says on Monday August 12th, OPD checked Mikael into the Lasting Hope Recovery Center, a facility for psychiatric help.

The next they knew, Mikael was being booked for first degree murder on August 16th.

"The assault and battery charge they were looking to pick Mikael up on, but they already had Mikael. So I'm lost for words, I still don't understand how that happened."

OPD released this time line of events in response:

Thursday August 8, 2013

Mikael Loyd initiated contact with two Omaha Police detectives at Omaha Police Central Headquarters regarding an unrelated matter.  During the conversation, detectives became concerned about statements Loyd made and decided to take action.  Loyd had a misdemeanor warrant but due to his state of mind, they decided to place him into emergency protective custody at Lasting Hope

Monday August 12, 2013

Mikael Loyd called 911 from the Lasting Hope facility wanting to turn himself in for a misdemeanor warrant.  Officers responded to Lasting Hope but after speaking to staff they were under the impression that Loyd was still under emergency protective custody so he could not leave. 

Wednesday August 14, 2013

Mikael Loyd was released from Lasting Hope and left the facility.

Thursday August 15, 2013

Melissa Rodriguez was found deceased at Graceland Cemetery located at 4720 South 42nd Street.

Friday August 16, 2013

Mikael Loyd was booked for 1st Degree Murder.