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Iconic Omaha Name Taking Over Rick's Boatyard Property


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Iconic Omaha Name Taking Over Rick's Boatyard Property

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Aug 8, 2013
Omaha, NE -- A riverfront hot spot will reopen its doors with a new name and new owners.
Rick's Café Boatyard abruptly closed in January. The owner posted a sign on the door saying he was renovating and would reopen in the spring.
The city, which owns the property, later said he defaulted on his lease agreement.
On Thursday, a new plan for the property was announced. 
In November 2013, The Storz Trophy Room Grill and Bar is set to open in Rick's place. 
"How much riverfront is in Omaha that you can have this icon of a property?" asked Tom Markel, co-owner of Storz Brewing Company. "That's number one."
It's not just a new restaurant the Storz name is bringing to Nebraska, but also the return of the iconic brewery, which is now based in Lincoln.
The Storz Brewing Company called Omaha home for nearly 100 years before it closed in the1970s.
Markel is part of the Storz family. He said it was time to bring back the historic name back to its birthplace.
"It's a bit of a spiritual mission," he said. "I got up in February one morning about 3 a.m., and I got this call to start Storz Brewery for family unity. I went back to bed not to think about it again."
Markel's restaurant partner is Yves Menard, the owner of Charlie's on the Lake.
Menard said this was an opportunity he couldn't walk away from.
"I know what I do for a living, and I know how I run my restaurants, and it could be a landmark," said Menard. "It could be a spot for everybody to enjoy."
It's a spot that will bring together the past and the future.
"We go way, way back creating great beers with great names," said Markel.
Charlie's on the Lake will stay open at its current location at 144th and F Streets. Menard will have his feet in both projects.
The Storz Trophy Room Grill & Brewery will open Nov. 15. 
Storz beer will be served at events in August like the Cox Classic and Nebraska State Fair.