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Greentree Park Community Notices Difference in Park Problems


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Greentree Park Community Notices Difference in Park Problems

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Aug 6, 2013

 Omaha, NE - At 129th and Maple, neighbors are trying to keep the momentum rolling.

"There's not been as much activity up here; I have seen the police up here a couple of times."
Last week's massive turnout at Greentree Park sparked a change in this neighborhood.
"Because we're trying to take our park back, and tell these rotten apple kids we've had enough and they need to move on."
Police say over the last six months illegal activities in the park after dark were getting out of hand, and people noticed.
"The numbers have increased a lot. I've seen, what appears to be drug deals."
Vandalism, assaults, robberies, drugs and alcohol had neighbors on edge. Just one week after police met with residents, they've noticed a difference.
"We're trying to keep the momentum going from last week, just by having another event. Bringing people together to see if they want to be more active on the board, having a neighborhood watch."
On Tuesday night, as a part of National Night Out, there were hundreds of people and dozens of gatherings.
"A lot of times when there's issues, we don't know unless they let us know. So we find it very beneficial cause we aren't gonna be able to solve the problems until they let us know."
Trolling through North, South, East and West Omaha; Mayor Stothert and Police Chief Todd Schmaderer made their way to Greentree.
While problems here have ceased for now, Mayor Stothert encouraged neighbors here and wished others would follow suit.
"It's those neighborhoods that when people don't want to talk about the problems we have a hard time solving the issues there."