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Government Reopens


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Government Reopens

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Oct 17, 2013
CAPITOL - Federal workers across the country are back to work after a 16 day partial government shutdown.  At Offutt, workers were called back on October 7th by Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.  
Late Wednesday night, U.S. Senators worked to reach an agreement that would reopen the government.  That deal raised the nations debt ceiling.  18 senators voted against the bill including, Iowa senator Chuck Grassley.   
Senator Grassley said he voted against the legislature because the bill exceeds the Budget Control Act and doesn't address the nation's debt or entitlement programs. 
He felt the bill didn't address Obamacare which is what the stalemate was about.  "It is not going to stop all of us who have tried to repeal it, tried to de-fund it or tried to delay it.  We still think it's bad for the country and bad for the economy," said Grassley.  He'll continue to fight the Affordable Care Act.   
The deal funds the government through January 15th.  It also allows the treasury to continue borrowing money through February 7th.  If a bigger deal is not reached in the coming weeks, the country could be in the same situation all over again.