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The Future of the Cox Classic

Rebekah Rae

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The Future of the Cox Classic

CREATED Aug. 23, 2013

Omaha, NE - For 18 years, thousands of golf fans have watched hundreds of players make their golf dreams happen.  This year alone, nearly 100 thousand tickets were sold for the Cox Classic, however, the Cox contract is up this year and if they don't renew the contract, directors will have to find other sponsors to continue the tournament.  

"Just because the future is a little uncertain, that doesn't mean we're going away, we're pretty committed to running this thing forever," says tournament director Chad Mardesen.  He says tournaments change courses all the time and if Cox doesn't continue to sponsor the games, they'll find a new home.

That idea doesn't sit easy with some golf fans like Chris Stargel, he's worried if a sponsor doesn't come forward, Omaha may lose the tournament, "I just hate to see Omaha lose this type of event," says Stargel.

Mardesen says there is a small chance the tournament doesn't return next year, but they have plans in the making to ensure an eventual return.  Mardesen didn't say what those plans are.  Directors do say Omaha has a few other courses that would be fit for the tournament, but they'll do whatever possible to keep the tournament at Champions Run.