Fremont Ordinance Supporter Says it Would Cut Crime

Justin Pazera

Fremont Ordinance Supporter Says it Would Cut Crime

CREATED Jul. 29, 2013

 Fremont, NE -- John Wiegert organized a petition drive to encourage voters to back the city's controversial immigration ordinance. When he got word two illegal immigrants are being charged for two killings in the metro, his stomach turned. "It's just a horrible tragedy," said Wiegert. "My heart goes out to the families."

This month prosecutors charged two illegal immigrants in separate cases. Hilberto Velasquez Ramirez is facing a homicide by motor vehicle charge. Over the Fourth of July, Council Bluffs Police say he was driving drunk and slammed into a car full of teens. Last week, Omaha Police arrested 19-year Sergio Martinez Perez for the rape and murder of 93-year old Louise Sollowin. "Here's two cases right here, if you get these two people off the streets and back to the place where they need to be, their home country, this definitely would not have happened," said Wiegert

Fremont's ordinance would make it illegal in city limits to harbor or employ anyone in the country illegally. That includes renting homes. Wiegert is convinced crime will go down. "Most definitely," said Wiegert. "If you have an ordinance like this it's going to definitely cut down on criminal activity."
Not everyone agrees though. Several Fremont business owners who didn't want to go on camera say it comes down to a person's character - not their home country when it comes to committing a crime. The Latino civil right group MALDEF slammed the city of Fremont saying the ordinance is "simply deplorable" and "inconsistent with our national values." Still Wiegert stands by it and hopes it expands. Fremont's mayor says they're waiting for a circuit court mandate before they'll enforce the ordinance. City officials plan to meet Tuesday night to talk about the ordinance in executive session.