Sheriff's: "Feeble Attempt" to Destroy Evidence in SUV

Emily Szink

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Sheriff's: "Feeble Attempt" to Destroy Evidence in SUV

CREATED Aug. 22, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Thursday, crime labs began processing Andrea Kruger’s abandoned SUV and other evidence in hopes of finding answers.  The Douglas County Sheriff's Office called it a "feeble attempt" to destroy evidence inside Kruger's SUV.  An apparent fire was started before the suspect(s) fled the scene.

After police discovered Kruger’s body at 2am Wednesday morning they then put out a notice for citizens to be on the look-out for her gold 2012 Chevy Traverse.

Around 6:30 Wednesday evening the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department got a call from the Omaha Police Department that someone had spotted Kruger’s vehicle abandoned in an alley near Walnut Hill School near 43rd & Hamilton St.

Investigators also climbed onto the roof of Money Maker’s Gun Craft, a nearby business, to do a routine check for evidence.  Chief Tom Wheeler with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department does not know if anything of value or significance was uncovered from that roof.   Chief Wheeler hopes somewhere near the alley has a camera to aid in their investigation.  

Craig Johnson, the owner of Johnson Sash & Door Co. said he saw the SUV in the alley at around noon on Wednesday.  He's shocked to find out it was owned by the victim.

"It was parked behind our building and I came behind the alley and saw it there but I just thought it was somebody running into the apartment building or something and so I didn't pay any attention to it," Johnson explained. "I wish I would've known that was the vehicle because I would've turned it in."

Sheriff Dunning with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department confirms that investigators have gathered some good evidence/information along the route Andrea Kruger took after she left work at Déjà Vu near 178Th and Pacific Streets to where her body was discovered near 168th and Fort.  

If you have any information call the Douglas County Sheriff's Tip Line at 402-444-6000.  You may be eligible for a cash reward.