Deal Off Between Omaha Mayor and Fire Chief

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Deal Off Between Omaha Mayor and Fire Chief

CREATED Aug. 30, 2013

OMAHA -The Omaha Mayor's Office says the deal between Mayor Jean Stothert and Fire Chief Mike McDonnell is off.

The city says McDonnell's retirement agreement is "null and void."

The original Memo of Understanding stated McDonnell would retire. In return, he requested no layoffs and just one rig be taken out of service in the 2014 budget. (Click here to see our original report on his expected retirement and read the Memo of Understanding from 8/26).

According to the mayor, McDonnell demanded language be put into the original agreement. Stothert believed that was inappropriate and the deal fell apart.

Mayor Stothert says "I am disappointed in Mr. McDonnell's unwillingness to stay within the parameters of our Memo of Understanding."

Late Friday night, McDonnell told KMTV Action 3 News, "I feel the last agreement I offered reflected the letter and spirit of the Memorandum of Understanding. I'm still willing to sign it."

McDonnell is on paid administrative leave pending further action.

Bernie Kanger will continue fill the role of Interim Chief.