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Damaged Thrift Shop Building Will Come Down

Meghan Matthews

Damaged Thrift Shop Building Will Come Down

CREATED Jul. 15, 2013

Omaha, NE - Action 3 News is learning more about the victims of the crash near 42nd and Leavenworth and the future of the antique store.

Acting planning director for the city says cranes will tear down the billboard on top of the thrift shop Tuesday morning. Shortly after, demolition will begin on the building.
The area of 42nd and Leavenworth has turned into a city spectacle.
"We wanted to come take a picture because we've been in that store before."
You can see the items inside the New 2 You thrift store through a gaping hole. It's the aftermath from Friday's fatal wreck.
"I just heard and felt, it seemed like, a big impact."
Police say Dustin Hollenbeck was speeding on 42nd Street. His family told Action 3 News off camera his passenger was Dylan Thompson. They were headed to a friend's house. Police say Hollenbeck crossed into the southbound lanes, jumped the curb, hit a fire hydrant and crashed into the store.
"If they hadn't hit that building over there, there's a good chance they would've come over here and hit our building. If they got inside and that started on fire? We wouldn't be here today."
Three days later, passersby stop to look and take pictures. The building, still standing, worries neighbors living close by.
"Not only is it, at this point not safe, but the billboards on top. I worry about the electricity and power lines it could take out, and it's gonna be an eye sore if they don't do anything with it."
Mischka Levancowski lives just behind the damage. She's nervous of people getting too close to the rubble.
"I'm super worried that there's gonna be looters, or somebody's gonna say oh hey lets go play in here, and there's gonna be more accidents to come."
Autopsies had been scheduled for Thompson and Hollenbeck yesterday. Police are investigating if alcohol was a factor in the crash. Neither of them had a seat belt on.