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Creighton Killings Suspect Charged Again

Lindsey Theis

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Creighton Killings Suspect Charged Again

CREATED Sep. 26, 2013

Omaha, NE-Anthony Garcia, the former doctor facing eight felony charges including four murder charges, has been booked on an additional charge of attempted burglary.

Garcia appeared in court Thursday as part of a discovery motion hearing for the murder charges. Dr. Garcia is accused of killing Shirlee Sherman and Thomas Hunter, in Dundee, back in 2008 and Dr. Roger Brumback and his wife Mary in their home, this past May. Police believe The former Creighton University resident was mad about getting fired from Creighton University and the killings were revenge. Roger Brumback, a Creighton professor, signed off on the termination, along with Thomas Hunter's father.

Garcia's attorney's Patrick Dunn of Omaha and Allison Motta of Chicago filed a motion saying the county attorney hasn't been getting them evidence quick enough.

County Attorney Don Kliene says they have already handed over 14 binders of evidence and 5000 crimes scene photos. They're in the process of copying over discs with 1200 interviews.

"This is a very voluminous case with regards to police reports. We've already handed over thousands of pages of police reports," Kliene said.

Motta said their investigation is at a stand still.

"We are upset we're not getting it faster," Motta said as she left court.

The judge dismissed Motta's motion today, saying he doesn't think the prosecution is withholding evidence.

Motta says there are still specific pieces of evidence she still hasn't seen. She added she doesn't need reports about DNA evidence, the defense just wants the DNA evidence so they can test it themselves.

Meanwhile, Kliene will formally file the attempted burglary charge tomorrow. Motta and Kliene both said the court proceedings for the burglary charged will likely be heard the same time as Garcia's murder charges.