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"Boxer 500"...An undie run to save lives

"Boxer 500"...An undie run to save lives

By Rebekah Rae. CREATED Aug 18, 2013

Omaha, NE - There are not many times wearing underwear in public is encouraged.  Sunday, more than 12 hundred folks put on their "best undies" to raise awareness about a private health issue. Colon cancer kills thousands every year, but thousands are fighting back and kicking the cancer in the butt.  

The "Boxer 500 Awareness Run" raised more than 20 thousand dollars for the Great Plains Colon Cancer task force. The task force was established to increase awareness for colon cancer and spread the importance of early detection of the disease.  The run was part race, part walk put on by the American Cancer Society, Omaha Running Club and dozens of businesses, volunteers and cancer survivors.
The "Boxer 500" is in it's fifth year and every year word spreads about colon prevention said walk director Kelli Sweet.  "Colon cancer is highly preventable, with early screening and detection, we can save lives," said Sweet, "one of our objectives with this event is to put on a healthy lifestyle event and encourage people to get screened." 
Sweet said of the 12 thousand attendees, some run to remember a loved one.  Others are battling cancer now and wait for the day they can say "I'm a survivor".  Sweet said through research, scientist have found a genetic link with colon cancer.  "The standard is 50 years of age to go get a first screening unless you have family history, then you should go ten years prior to the age of family member when diagnosed."
To learn more about colon cancer visit: www.coloncancertaskforce.org/