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Bellevue Couple Accused Of Stealing...In Front Of Police


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Bellevue Couple Accused Of Stealing...In Front Of Police

By Kimberly Foley. CREATED Dec 3, 2013
Bellevue, NE - Stealing right in front of the cops!
It's bold, brazen and certainly not smart, but it's why officers arrested two people in Bellevue.
On Monday night, the annual Holiday Heroes event took place at the Shopko on Galvin Road.
Police officers, firefighters and Santa teamed up to take 100 kids in need Christmas shopping.
While law enforcement was walking around the store, Joshua Watson, 29, and Shantel Nigh, 30, allegedly thought it was the perfect time to get sticky fingers.
"(It was) no secret that the event was occurring," said Laurie Synowiecki of the Bellevue Police Department. "There were police cars out front, officers everywhere and fire trucks out front."
Watson and Shantel are accused of stealing more than $700 worth of merchandise. Officers saw them take tags off of items and take them.
Once the couple was arrested, police searched their car and found what they believed to be even more stolen items.  
It's a scenario Shopko shoppers couldn't help but mock.
"That was really, really downright stupid," said Kathy Kress.
Watson and Nigh were booked on felony shoplifting charges.
"It's a really sad ordeal that someone would choose to commit a crime while this great community event is going on," said Synowiecki.
Both suspects are still in Sarpy County Jail. Bond has not been set.