Beers and Bears at the Zoo

Rebekah Rae

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Beers and Bears at the Zoo

CREATED Aug. 9, 2013

Omaha, NE - The thought of lions, tigers and beers have some saying oh my at Omaha's Henry Doorly zoo.  The zoo applied for an expansion to their current liquor license.  If the city grants the application, the zoo could serve alcohol at their newest attraction, Infield at the Zoo, during private events.

"They have a liquor license at the zoo, they applied for an expansion of that liquor license so they can have private receptions in the area where Rosenblatt used to be," says Omaha city clerk Buster Brown.  He says the expansion would only grant the zoo the right to serve alcoholic beverages at private events at Infield at the Zoo, it doesn't mean liquor will be served daily around the zoo.

Still, the thought of alcohol is more than some families are comfortable with.  As Paul Sudbrock enjoys lunch with his family right where the zoo is considering their expansion, he feels uneasy.  Sudbrock says his family comes to places like the zoo to get away from negative influences.  "Alcohol always brings people to a place where they can lose control and we need control around kids," says Sudbrock.

Other visitors do not mind the idea of alcohol being served where brews and bats used to be plentiful.  "I don't think it would really hurt anything to have alcohol here, it would probably draw a lot of attention," says visitor Ashley Schneider.

City council will vote on the application for expansion at their next city council meeting on August 13 at 2 p.m.  Some folks are expected to attend to voice their opinions.