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Active Training Drill Held on UNO's Campus

Emily Szink

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Active Training Drill Held on UNO's Campus

CREATED Sep. 13, 2013

The Omaha Police Department teamed up with UNO for the school’s first ever active killer drill. OPD, UNO campus security and student volunteers participated to better prepare the University if a killer is ever on campus.

The “Active Killer” drill has taken over a year and a half for the Omaha Police Department and UNO to plan.  But, the planning period was well worth it.  OPD says active killer drills are becoming almost as crucial as a fire or tornado drill.

Police held today's drill in Mammel Hall on UNO’s Aksarben campus.  Leading up to today's campus lock-down, UNO had notified its students that it would be conducting the active killer drill and asked its students and facility for full cooperation.

Throughout the drill, UNO tested its high tech mass notification system ---using an overhead paging system, email and text messaging alerts to notify students.

Volunteers acted as hostages, victims and even the two gun men in the staged event were volunteers.  Police Officer James Shade stressed how important these drills are, especially on a campus the size of UNO where it is hard to get info accurately and quickly relayed in a time of mass chaos.

"It's one thing to train people and to tell them, hey in case this should ever happen this is what you should do.  It’s another thing to actually go through the motions and physically start locking doors and physically telling students that they need to barricade the doors to keep them safe.  So when you’ve physically gone through the motions, it’s a tremendous help,” said Omaha Police Department PIO James Shade. 

After any drill like today's it is always imperative to have a debriefing directly after to go over the strengths and weaknesses of the drill.  But, overall OPD and UNO say they’re very pleased with today’