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Midland University Students on Edge After Safety Alert Sent


Photo: Video by kmtv.com

Midland University Students on Edge After Safety Alert Sent

By Meghan Matthews. CREATED Sep 16, 2013

Fremont, NE - "I was a little alarmed just cause I didn't, I hadn't gotten any of those emails before."

A warning sent to all Midland University students has rattled this quiet campus. 

"That it was a gang initiation, was possibly gonna be happening in town."

That's some of the buzz on campus. Now students walk together in between classes. Their safety: a concern.

"Some sort of assault, or rape, or killing."

The university sent out an alert, urging students to walk in pairs, keep entrances locked and report any suspicious activity. 

The email did not specifically say, why.

"Cause it's like well, is there something going on, is someone on campus trying to do something? Or is it; yeah is it just something in town? There's not a lot of back story, and you're kinda curious."
The Fremont Police Department says it is aware of the possible gang-related threats. Sgt. Bob Buer says an incident at a city park last week, sent up red flags.
"Some information came forth after that assault that it may have been gang related, and there was some other threats that were rumored from that assault, that there may be a threat of a sexual assault."
"Police believe that information made its way to Midland University. School officials took the threat seriously, and sent out a campus wide alert."
Midland University sent out this response to Action 3 News: "Midland does not comment on specific incidents, the university coordinates with local law enforcement and campus security in encouraging our students to engage in good safety practices."
As of Monday night, everyone who spoke with Action 3 has their guard up.