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Jack Hoffman Arrives Back in NE with ESPY

Jack Hoffman Arrives Back in NE with ESPY

By Justin Pazera. CREATED Jul 18, 2013

Omaha, NE - The Huskers' smallest but most inspiring player, seven-year-old Jack Hoffman, now has an ESPY. 

Everyone in L.A.wanted to be seen with the best moment star. Hoffman got his picture taken with a bunch of celebrities who were excited to share the photos on social media. 

Team Jack arrived at Eppley Thursday with his ESPY in hand. The seven-year-old who's taking on inoperable brain cancer won the Best Moment award for his touchdown last spring during a Husker game. 

Jack finished chemo in June and will have another MRI in October.

His Husker spirit and his determination for life has caught on. The Hoffmans give God credit for their strength and the spotlight they've been able to give to pediatric cancer. Even though the ESPY is impressive, their goal is to find a cure.