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Sponsors pay big money at US Senior Open

Sponsors pay big money at US Senior Open

By Josh Egbert. CREATED Jul 12, 2013

Omaha, NE- It takes more than just the Omaha Country Clubs' stunning greens to lure in the pros. It takes organizers and corporate sponsors.

Thousands of golf fans are expected to pass through the gates here at the Omaha Country Club over the course of the 4 day event; which is why some companies are shelling out millions of dollars to get their names front and center.

From the tee box to the greens, fans are trying to get a glimpse of their favorite golfer.

"The turn out here, 30-thousand a day, which were expecting, it's very exciting," says Joe Goode of the USGA.

And it's not just golfers who are getting attention this weekend; it's all those spectators as well.

"We've spent roughly 300-thousand on activation, which is representative here at the tent, and then there's separate costs for the vehicle themselves." says Adrian Si of Lexus.

In fact, Lexus has spent a pretty penny making sure its brand it well advertised. "We try and engage with them by creating some fun activations here, so they have an opportunity there to use a golf simulator a hole in one wins a car, which people are really excited about that." added Si.

If you miss the giant Lexus tent as you walk into the Omaha Country Club, you may notice all the cars in the parking lot; all $9.76 million dollars worth.

"It puts our brand in front of them, then get to see the vehicles and learn more about what those are like than they get to do there in the tent." says Si.

And it's not just Lexus putting money into the tournament. Valmont Industries and Mutual of Omaha are just a few of the 62 companies that have spend a record $5.6 million in sponsorship. All are trying to get a slice of the action from all ages of golf fans.

"At the Chevron Stem Zone, which is another experience that teaches the kids the science of golf." adds Goode.