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IA and NE Health Officials Investigate Intestinal Illness

IA and NE Health Officials Investigate Intestinal Illness

By Jennifer Griswold. CREATED Jul 8, 2013

Des Moines, IA - Health officials in Nebraska and Iowa as well as the CDC are investigating an outbreak of an intestinal illness. Cyclospora, a rare parasite, causes the illness called Cyclosporiasis. 

As of today, 22 cases have been reported to state officials in Iowa. At least one person has been hospitalized. Many people say they're still sick with diarrhea and some have reported relapses. 

The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services reported that as of July 5th there had been 13 cases of Cyclospora in Nebraska. 

At this point, officials have not identified a specific source of exposure. In the past fresh produce has been linked to outbreaks. It's spread by swallowing water or food that has been contaminated with infected human feces. 

Symptoms typically include watery diarrhea that lasts an average of 57 days. For more information about symptoms, go to the Department of Public Health's web site

Here is the breakdown of cases by counties in Iowa: 

Linn County: 10 cases
Fayette County: 3 cases
O'Brien County: 2 cases
Webster County: 2 cases
Benton County: 1 case
Des Moines County: 1 case
Mills County: 1 case
Polk County: 1 case
Van Buren County: 1 case