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Beiber Tweet Sends Omaha Fans Into A Tizzy

Kimberly Foley

Beiber Tweet Sends Omaha Fans Into A Tizzy

CREATED Jul. 6, 2013

Omaha, NE -- You better "belieb" it! Justin Bieber is in town.

His concert hasn't even started, and Omaha fans are already crazed with excitement.

Justin Bieber caused quite the stir Saturday afternoon at Westroads without even making an appearance.

On Saturday, Bieber sent out a tweet, saying he would be at the mall.

More than 1,000 fans, beliebing the Beebs would be there, showed up.

Omaha Police were called for several disturbances.

One girl received minor injuries in the crowd.

"There was lots of pushing and just so much screaming," said shopper Katrina Roth. "We ran out behind a big group of girls, and then one of them got pushed into a photo booth and she fell."

Bieber never showed up

His sold out show starts at 7 p.m. at the CenturyLink Center.