Video Of Man Harassing Tiger At Henry Doorly Zoo Is Raising Eyebrows

Kimberly Foley

Video Of Man Harassing Tiger At Henry Doorly Zoo Is Raising Eyebrows

CREATED Jul. 5, 2013

Omaha, NE -- Somebody posted a video taken at the Henry Doorly Zoo on YouTube, and it shows a man touching and teasing the tiger.

 It was an apparent attempt to get over a break up.
The video is nearly four minutes, and it was uploaded in March.
"When it's online, lots of people can see it and lots of people can react to it," said Pam Wiese, spokesman for the Nebraska Humane Society. "You may get the guys you're trying to act all cool with, to think it's cool. Everyone else is just going to think you're an idiot."
The video is set to music.
It starts with the man making noises and growling.
It escalates to him waving his hands in front of the tiger, and then leaning over the barrier to poke it through the cage.
"I know we looked at it and thought, 'How dumb can you be?'" said Wiese.
The video was uploaded under the username 'Chin Pipe'.'
About three minutes in, this message pops up: 'Sorry if this offended anyone. Big Chin was just having some fun. His girl dumped him an hour earlier.'
The humane society doesn't think these guys have broken the law.
"Our animal cruelty investigator looked at it and felt like it wasn't anything like actually met the definition of animal cruelty," said Wiese. "There is no citable offense here."
Wiese also said that doesn't make the video, or the motivation behind it, OK.
"I know that they're caged, and the zoo does a tremendous job keeping their animals safe, but for these guys to go in to try to incite this tiger?" She said. "It isn't fair to the tiger, and it's stupid and dangerous."
The zoo did not have anyone available to talk to Action 3 News Friday night. 
The Omaha Police Officers Association said if you know who these guys are contact the zoo or the humane society.
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